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Maca Root Couple

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Black Maca & Triple Maca special for couples

Maca raises energy levels, and combats physical and mental fatigue and stress. It strengthens the immune system, stimulates the endocrine system, balances the diet avoiding malnutrition, increases endurance in athletes promoting mental clarity, improves concentration and focus: in a word, it stimulates every system! Maca is a nutritionally dense superfood that has been used for 1000s of years. Maca is unique in that it affects Men and Women differently

This pack contains

Triple Maca Root Organic & Gelatinized
x 1
Black Maca Root Powder Organic & Gelatinized
x 1

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(Lepidium peruvianum Chacón)

Do you need to change your lifestyle?  Do you need to improve your health in a natural way?

Maca Root is an herbaceous plant native to the high Andean Mountains of Peru and Bolivia . It is one of the only food plants in the world able to thrive at such a high altitude. It is a potent ancient Peruvian superfood used by indigenous Andean societies as a source of nourishment and healing for thousands of years. 

Our Maca is found only in the central highlands of Peru, mainly on the Junin plateau between 3,800 to 4,400 m.a.s.l., where altitude, low temperatures and strong winds limit other crops. Domestication of this plant appears to have started at least 2,000 years ago. SelvaBIO has its maca fields associated with small organic farmers on this plateau.

The benefits you will get by taking Organic Triple or Black Maca Root:

-To improve fertility - Triple Maca for Women - Black Maca for Men

-To increase the libido - Triple Maca for Women - Black Maca for Men

-For men prostate health - Triple Maca

-To regulate menstrual disorders and discomfort relief Triple Maca

-For hormones balance during Menopause - Triple Maca

-For body muscle building - Black Maca

-To increase energy - Triple Maca or Black Maca

-To increase the resistance (Stamina) - Black Maca

-For hair growth -  Triple Maca or Black Maca

-To improve skin tone - Triple Maca or Black Maca

-To improve the curves in women - Black Maca

-To prevent and combat Osteoporosis - Triple Maca or Black Maca

-To support the health with the thyroid - Triple Maca or Black Maca

-To improve mental focus and clarity - Triple Maca or Black Maca

-To reduce depression - Triple Maca or Black Maca

Organic Maca Root Vitamins

Maca is rich in vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin E and Niacin. Also It provides plenty of calcium, copper, zinc, iron, manganese, magnesium, phosphorous and amino acids. 

Incan Superfood




Vitamins & Minerals

Peruvian Maca roots grow in 3 basic color group: 

White to yellow roots are made into Yellow Maca powder (60% of the annual harvest) 

Light pink to dark purple roots are made into Red Maca powder (25% of the annual harvest) 

Light gray to dark gray roots are made into Black Maca powder (15% of the annual harvest)

Our Organic Maca Root Powder Gelatinized is:

Transported by Plane     

Certified Organic       


Fair Trade 

Grown traditionally with respect for the land - in Junín in Peru 

Freshly harvested, carefully processed and packaged immediately as Black Maca Root, Red Maca, Triple Maca or Premium Maca Root products 

Contains 100% Organic Maca Root 


Why Gelatinized?

The 2 major advantages of using Gelatinized Maca are:

1. Easier digestion - because the starch is mostly dissolved Gelatinized Maca is easier on the stomach 

2. More concentrated nutrients - the absence of starch means that gram for gram, Gelatinized Maca is more concentrated than Raw Maca powder. 

If you have a generally sensitive stomach or any other issue with digestion, then Gelatinized Maca is the best choice you can make.The reason is simple, while Raw Maca can cause temporary symptoms like bloating, gas or upset stomach (in about 5% of people), the gelatinized powder simply will not do so. 

How to take maca?


Blend into smoothies 


Stir into fruit salad


Prepare Cakes

SelvaBIO's Organic Certified Maca Root Powder can be mixed directly as an ingredient into yogurt, smoothies and dairy based products.

It can also be part of desserts, chocolate bars, cakes and pies. This amazing superfood can be paired with quinoa or cacao nibs.

Usage: Adults 1-2 tablespoons per day; Children 1 teaspoon per day. 


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