SelvaBio Ltd is a small company based in London UK, committed to the richness and potential of natural products from the Amazonia, The Andes and general land in South America.

We are pioneers in the production of organic Maca Root Gelatinized and we are the first company to sell and distribute it classified by colors in London through our brand SelvaBio Stronger by Nature.

The Amazonian and The Andes has unique climates, these rich regions hold many fruits that offer their treasures, natural plants capable of preventing and curing many of our diseases.

Mission and Goals

To give to the world the vast amount of products that can be categorised as Superfoods from South American land.

Support research and development projects that promote the cultivation and production of food and medicinal plants that the world should know and possess. By encouraging certain projects in certain areas of South America to help many families and they are in the sale of their products, how to live a decent life as it really deserve it.

We hope that by working together many families in the area, we achieve to make a big difference in quality of life and care of the environment.

Why Organics?

No artificial chemicals

Organic foods are healthy because they do not use preservatives, dyes, antibiotics, chemical fertilizers or pesticides.

Pesticides are likely to leave traces of toxic waste harmful to our health; In fact, many specialists consider them the cause of some diseases such as headache, heart problems, asthma, allergies, osteoporosis, and even hyperactivity or cancer.

They protect the health of the consumer and the farmer.

Organics contain higher proportions of vitamins, proteins, antioxidants, natural sugars and minerals than conventional products.

Organic production promote the development of fair trade: Through the support of independent producers who receive a fair payment for their products without the participation of intermediaries.