terms and conditions

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These general conditions of sale apply strictly to all sales of products made in United Kingdom by SelvaBio with bound individuals.

Any order made SelvaBio necessarily as essential, decisive and indispensable, the unqualified acceptance by Customer of the General Conditions of Sale of Goods in effect the day they perform the appropriate order. In addition, you acknowledge that the acceptance of these conditions involve the application of the order to which they refer, as well as any subsequent order, except for cases where new conditions are brought to its attention by SelvaBio. The fact that SelvaBio not recur at any given time these conditions can not be interpreted or equal to recourse to them in the future or in the past.

Although the products that we sell are really natural and not claim to be substitutes for conventional medicine on the other hand, we want to be supportive. So before you decide to purchase some of our products consulting your GP or specialist.

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Prices quoted on the website are in British Pound and Euro and are valid except for typographical errors. All prices include VAT applicable on the date of the order, any change in VAT rate will be applied automatically to the prices of products for sale in selvabio.co.uk, selvabio.com or selvabio.es.

The offers on products sold in SelvaBio are displayed in the "Deals" or indicate in more details and, unless otherwise specified, shall be valid while displayed on screen.