Ashaninka Ceremonial Cacao

Organic Ceremonial Cacao, (Theobroma Cacao L.) Criollo variety From Ashaninka’s Tribe In Peru.

The Cacao tree is originally from the Amazon in South America for what is now called:  Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia and Brazil, specifically were rivers such as Napo, Putumayo and Caqueta are tributaries of the Amazon.There is evidence that Cacao is cultivated and consumed in this area of the world since 5500 years before.

It has been argued that it extended all the way to Middle America (Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Belice, Honduras, Nicaragua y Costa Rica) throughout the commercial routes that were maintained by the different aboriginal civilisations, taking in to account that because of the diversity in the ecosystems between these two parts of the continent, it is very complex to cultivate through natural sources.

Traditionally, there are three main Cacao varieties: Criollo, Forastero, and Trinitario, however by using the Cacao genetic map, the most recent investigations indicate that there are at least ten main families of Cacao.


This tree gives many fruits, it is robust and highly resistant to diseases. It’s origin is from the high jungle in the Amazon, during the process in which species diversified. During its colony, this tree’s harvest expanded through the Spanish plantations in order to ensure the supply of Cacao required by the European market. It currently supplies 85% of the world’s demand. It’s harvest are round and hard, with matified seeds with purple coloured tones.


This Cacao is a hibrid resultant from the mixture of Criollo and Forastero . It’s birth is given in zones such as Delta del Orinoco in Venezuela. This specie was introduced in the Isle of Trinidad in the beginning of the XVIII century in order to correct the large losses caused by a strong hurricane that destroyed all the Criollo Cacao plantations which had been stablished in that isle. It has the qualities that characterize the two species that supply its genes: it’s aromatic, robust, highly adaptable to illnesses and adverse agro-ecológic conditions; subsequently it is very productive and high performance. It occupies 14% of the world’s production.

Criollo or finest Cacao:

Cacao Criollo has been considered by experts to be the best grain because of its aroma and taste. It is the main model from which the others are classified. It has been described as delicate, fragrant and elegant. It is an environment fragile specie and of limited production. It actually represents 2% to 5% of the trees in the planet and only 1% of the global production. It’s seed is long and corrugated, sharp, soft and with soft seeds. It’s origin has been scientifically determined in the zone.

Which one is best? 

The best variety is the one that you like the most, I am saying this because all the options are divided and for every preference there is an option, a colour and definitely a flavour, therefore I cannot suggest the best one.

The Cacao that I import is Criollo variety and I import it directly from the Peruvian  farmers, in this case the Ashaninka tribe next to Ene river in Peru, they harvest the Cacao in a traditional way under organic standards.

In a near future I will be bringing Cacao from other tribes and farmed in South America, now that there is a large tendency to recover the traditional harvest methods in order to move further in harmony with Mother Nature.

In general Cacao has traditionally been used as a medicinal drink, the fruit if Cacao is considered to be a natural  stimulant with high levels of protein and antioxidants in form of flavonoids. It is known as an anti depressant, which is also capable of increasing libido a “natural afrodisiac”.

Cacao increases concentration and attention sense, it also improves the effectiveness of other minerals and nutrients in the body for a healthier lifestyle. 

How to take Cacao?

You can consume it raw in order to benefit from all its properties, by adding it to hot water and preparing drinks, (many people are practicing the Cacao ceremony in which a very special connection is made) or it can be mixed directly as an ingredient in smoothies, muesli, yogurts, cakes, lactose products or any other mixture with Cacao that could result in chocolate.

It can be part of desserts, Cacao butter and Cacao paste are excellent ingredients for chocolate bars and cakes. You can also try our Cacao blend, a special combination to improve your day. This superfood can be perfectly combined with maca root, purple corn, Lucuma, cinnamon, Camu Camu, Quinoa etc. The Cacao nibs are sweetened with Yacon and are ready to eat and are a snack capable of changing your day. 

It does not matter if you are a small company or a great chocolate artist, we can supply you with the highest cacao quality. Feel free to contact us

Our Organic Cacao is: 

Free of transgenic (GMO)

It grows traditionally in the region of The Amazon with respect towards the earth from our farmers, we practice fair trade and is carefully harvested under-certified organic standards.

It is 100% Organic and Pure Cacao Criollo Variety, Ceremonial Grade. 


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This Raw Organic Cacao, Criollo variety is harvested by the Ashaninka tribe farmers in Peru. A tribe associated with us that specialises in...

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This Raw Organic Cacao, Criollo variety is harvested by the Ashaninka tribe farmers in Peru. A tribe that specialises in cultivating their...