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Lucuma is known as one of the most important Incan superfood. Even before Incas, the Moche culture represented its art to the lucuma, as part of its fascination with agricultural products, this representations are know as ‘huacos’.This superfood is considered to be an exotic fruit for its bright yellow color, its unique taste and aroma. It is also known as “the gold of the Incas”. It is a gourmet product.

Some people compare it to mango or apricot while others say it tastes like a cross between maple syrup and caramel. What is certain is that it is very sweet and often used as an ingredient in tasty deserts; in fact lucuma flavored ice cream is the most popular flavor in Peru. The Peruvians have traditionally viewed lucuma as a gourmet product.


This magnificent fruit contains high quality minerals such as iron, calcium and zinc; niacins like vitamin A and B3; antioxidant; and it helps lower cholesterol and triglycerides. In ancient records, lucuma fruit was said to be used to aid skin health.


Incan Superfood

Vitamins & Minerals




How to enjoy the Lucuma?

Lucuma powder can be added to your morning smoothies or juices and can also be added to your dessert recipes as a natural flavor that will give a special taste. You can prepare delicious ice-creams and cookies. You can also try Lucuma Mornings, a special blend to boost your day.

Blend into smoothies 


Prepare ice-creams

Mix with milk

Our Organic Raw Lucuma Powder is:

Transported by Plane     

Certified Organic       


Fair Trade 

Grown traditionally with respect for the land in Peru

Freshly harvested, carefully processed and packaged immediately as Organic Lucuma products 

Contains 100% Organic Lucuma



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